United Breath Youth

We are a youth group of seven men and six women. We have come to know each other through the local football club. Recently we have fetched a plan to travel to Romania this Summer,to spend a week at the Sparta Children's Village. We want to organise activities there and want to do maintenance and some refurbishing of buildings etc.

What will be our activities?

Because of a wide range of hobbies and skills within our group, we will be able to organise many different activities. The men in our group are active with playing football. They like sports, so we will organise various sporting activities. Because of the cultural differences between Romania and The Netherlands, we would like to introduce the Sparta Children's Village to typically Dutch games, by way of organising a King's Games Event. Think of "Nail Pooping", "Sack Racing", etcetera. The Sparta Children's Village houses kids with lots of different talents. That's why we will organise a talent show. With the help of singers and dancers amongst our group. For the youngest we are thinking of face painting and dress ups. These activities will take place on weekdays, during the weekend we will get busy with our maintenance and refurbishments.

How are we going to make this happen?

To realise our plans, we need money. That's why over the last year we have done a lot of preparations. During the Saint Nicholas period we have succesfully sold traditional Dutch almond pastry. Around the New Year's festivities we have made and sold over 500 Dutch doughnuts from the canteen of our football club SV Ommoord. And on top of that a generous donation allowed us to deliver a further 200 to the Picasso Center in Capelle aan den IJssel. In February students from the Da Vinci College organised a social afternoon for the residents of the Sonneburgh Ravenswaard Pensioner's home. The proceeds of this afternoon went to our project. Furthermore we have collected goods to be sold during the King's Day free market at the end of April. We will be wearing special shirts embossed with the United Breath Youth logo which are sponsored by Marypee Print. And on top of that residents of the towns of Oud-Beyerland and 's-Gravenland have helped us out enormously by donating their deposits on empty bottles at the local Jumbo and Plus supermarkets.

More fund raising events will be organised before we actually depart to Romania.

Who are helping us?

We would like to thank Jan Tielen, SV Ommoord and its staff for helping us during the New Year's Doughnuts Sale. We would like to thank the Da Vinci College, Sonneburgh Ravenswaard (especially mrs. Gonda Noordhoek) and the students of the Da Vinci College for their generosity and for organising the social afternoon. Once again thanks to Jan Tielen for enabling a stand during the King's Day free market. And we would like to thank Mary Van Der Ham-Patty of Marypee Print for providing the shirts. Marypee Print is a printing company with many years experience in screen printing and tampo printing. A printing company that can cater for any textiles and gifts with your company logo, name and/or text. They can fulfil any wish. From mugs to phone covers, from caps to sound speakers. Marypee Print can be reached by phone or by email and is located in Krimpen aan de Lek. Curious? Have a look at http://www.marypee.nl/.