Focus and collaboration

At Breath Care for Kids we identify problems that require a solution and we will then come into action. When requests for help reach us we will act. In both cases, we examine local opportunities and opportunities for potential partnerships. If necessary we will raise necessary funds through our sponsors, donors and projects to realise the solution.

Breath Care for Kids uses various forms of fundraising. Sport is there a common thread. Especially football - from this field we receive a lot of support from prominent people - proves to be a good way to reach people. But there are also other activities such as dance marathons and charity evenings. Working together is important to us. We can achieve more by joining forces with other organisations and people. We co-operate with organisations and individuals in both The Netherlands and in the villages and towns where we operate. Working together always proves to be positive and constructive. Since the founding of Breath Care for Kids back in 1995 this approach has proven to be successful.


Breath Care for Kids is always trying to give sustainable support. Support that begins in meeting the basic needs of every child, every human being: housing, medical care, education, safe and socially stable environments. Within our Small Group Homes we provide the children opportunities to live independently. As in a 'normal' family: we want our children to become well-balanced adults. We do this carefully, with personal and individual counseling, with a scholarship fund and by creating jobs.