Children's homes Malinivka

In the village of Malinivka, south east of the provincial capital Kharkiv, Breath Care for Kids has purchased a sizeable piece of land of 3,700 m2. Here two children's homes will have to be built, each housing eight to ten children. The children will primarily be victims of the war in eastern Ukraine.

Because of the unsafe situation in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions many people have fled away. Many of them havefound refuge in the calm Kharkiv region. These people stay in bad conditions in various refugee camps. Especially in Winter, with temperatures dropping well below -30 Celcius, life is hard on them. Breath Care for Kids has handed out medicines in the camps on various occasions, but this is not enough.

The children are the victims

Take for instance the city of Chuguiev where we are about to commence our new project. 113 Children live here without parental care. 32 Of these children are orphans and 81 of them do have parents but they are unable to give their children parental care. Within the city's region lies the friendly Ukrainian village Malinivka. Inside the village all requirements for children are available. We have received an urgent request from the organisation Service For Children in Chuguiev to provide shelter and care for a number of these children by establishing two so called Small Group Homes.


We have purchased a large plot of land in Malinivka. The 3,700 m2 will provide ample space for two houses. We wil start building house number 1 and as soon as this has been completed we will start on the second house. It took a lot of time and effort to actually buy the plot from an old Ukrainian granny but perseverence is something we have plenty in Ukraine as well as in The Netherlands. We have finally succeeded in acquiring the land and already the foundation has been laid and all the necessary piping and cabling has been installed. Our SGH formula provides for a maximum of 10 children per home to make sure that they will receive maximum attention, love and care. With great care we select a pair of parents who will take care of the children 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In other houses we have seen parents and children grow into a real family and that the children stand up for their little brothers and sisters. Firthermore the house will provide for safe shelter, education and future job prospects. In this safe environment the children will grow up to become stable grown ups.


To realise home number 1 we have already received a considerable amount from the Liberty Foundation. This foundation has been a fantastic long time supporter. The Wilde Ganzen (Wild Geese Foundation) has approved of our project which means that they will multiply all contributions made by 50%. this all means that one third of the project has been covered financially. To attract all missing funds we will take swift action soon towards other funds and various other supporting organisations. The children and parents will receive a special status from the Ukrainian government, through which we will be assured of a considerable amount to cover the running costs for each child we take in. These contributions will not be enough though to cover all costs and provisions we give to the children. We will make a budget and will start looking for people who want to individually sponsor our children and we will organise various events to support our seach..

Self supporting

Because of the depreciation of the Ukrainian Grivna and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict energy prices amongst other things have skyrocketed. According to the Ukrainians, Russia supplies natural gas to Slovakia, who then sell it to Ukraine in a reverse flow. You can imagine that such an added step wil drive up prices. By using Dutch technology we want to accomplish a more environmentally friendly and above all a more efficient energy policy, which we hope to make an example for others. Furthermore the large garden will enable us to grow our own fruit and vegetables. Chickens and pigs will give us a steady supply of fresh eggs and meat. We want to establish commercial activities that will help us earn the lacking funds. This will also enable us to offer jobs to those children in our care who are old enough to work. By these methods we will make the project as self sufficient as possible. Contact if you would like to receive more information on our project or if you would like to contribute in some form then please do not hesitate and get in touch. Please see our contact page for details.