What do we do?

There are still too many children who live on the streets. Breath Care for Kids is committed to improving their living conditions, providing them a safe home and structure in their lives so that they can become stable adults.

Breath Care for Kids operates in different countries each with their own local organisations: in Georgia, Romania and Ukraine we help vulnerable children, we provide services in the areas of health, education, safety and mental wellbeing. We offer children in desperate situations the chance to build up a good future.

Where we have no local organisation, we operate from the Netherlands. Because every request for help is important to us, we help anywhere in the world without looking at race, religion, ethnicity or persuasion.

Small Group Homes

Breath Care for Kids currently operates several homes in Central and Eastern Europe (we are willing to expand to other countries and continents). From our own Children's Village in Romania for children with disabilities to our Small Group Homes in Ukraine and Georgia. Small Group Homes are homes (up to ten children per house) with plenty of room for individual attention for the children.

Breath works

Joining forces. This is important in order to achieve our goals. We work together with Wilde Ganzen, NCDO, SOCO Georgia, ministries, embassies and local authorities, child protection services in the various countries, the Breath Business Club members and the many organisations and individuals who encourage us to expand and continue our work. Because together we are stronger.