Our mission is:

To bring structure into the lives of (street) children who lack parental care. To stimulate their development and to give loving care to children with severe multiple disabilities. We do this without distinction of religion, colour of skin, origin or conviction.

The first step is always a practical one: ensuring an immediate improvement in the living arrangements of the child. A caring, safe and well maintained shelter is a first requirement for children. When a child has been given a loving ans dafe place, a whole process will follow with many steps and monitoring moments.


Our foundation strives to solve the problems of (street) children without parental care in cooperation with the local authorities in our project countries. We focus on the transformation from large scale care opportunities to small scale care opportunities through our Small Group Home (SGH) formula. The SGH-formula means that a maximum of 10 (street) children will be taken into one home and that we work with "parents" and not with staff. The result of this is that the children will not be conftonted with changing carers. The small scale of our projects guarantee individual attention and a loving upbringing.

For children with severe multiple disabilities the approach is very different. In the project countries it has only recently become policy to recognize these children and/or to give them care and in some instances there is no care available. Many of these children receive hardly if any recognition. Breath wants to do our part to change that situation in cooperation with the government and many others. We want to apply the knowledge on this matter that has been built up in The Netherlands. We are committed to the exchange of knowledge. But first and foremost we want to give our children a caring home and we promote the development of these children.

We currently have about 140 children in our care and our goal is to expand within 5 years (end 2024) to the number of 250 children. We would like to note that the quality and improvement of the support of our current children will always come first.


Sport is in this process a great way to bring structure into their lives and is therefore extremely important to us. Sport is healthy and contributes to the mental development and social skills of children. Through sport, they learn to deal with winning and losing, they learn to control their emotions, they learn to work together and learn to deal with authority. And that is our goal: structure and confidence into the lives of these vulnerable children. We are committed to help children around the whole world.

Working together

Cooperation with other organizations counts for us. Joining forces. This is important in order to achieve our goals. We work together with: Wilde Ganzen, KNVB, UNICEF, universities, funds, associations, service clubs, ministries, embassies, local authorities, Child services, Breath Business and many organizations and individuals who encourage us and expand our capabilities to purposeful action.