Our mission is:

Bringing structure into the lives of (street) children without parental care.

Vulnerable children regardless of religion, national origin or persuasion. It's a whole process to accomplish this mission. First step is to improve the living conditions of street children. A good and safe shelter for children is a requirement. Once a child is safely housed what follows is a long process with many steps where we check the progress of a child. We also provide them with a loving upbringing where personal attention of the “professional” parents has an important place. The entire process is build, together with the parents, to give them an independent life.


Sport is in this process a great way to bring structure into their lives and is therefore extremely important to us. Sport is healthy and contributes to the mental development and social skills of children. Through sport, they learn to deal with winning and losing, they learn to control their emotions, they learn to work together and learn to deal with authority. And that is our goal: structure and confidence into the lives of these vulnerable children. We are committed to help children around the whole world.

Working together

Cooperation with other organizations counts for us. Joining forces. This is important in order to achieve our goals. We work together with: Wilde Ganzen, KNVB, UNICEF, universities, funds, associations, service clubs, ministries, embassies, local authorities, Child services, Breath Business and many organizations and individuals who encourage us and expand our capabilities to purposeful action.