Power Generators delivered to Ukraine


Power. Whenever there is an outage, you realise how essential it is in our lives. Light, the fridge, cooking, making phonecalls, internet, heating, no one can live without. For the victims of the disastrous war in Ukraine it gets dark and cold every time a Russian rocket attack has struck its intended or unintended targets.
That is why we are grateful for all power generators that we have been able to supply to ordinary Ukrainians thanks to your support. For instance to the children of the Kharkiv boarding school. Despite their daily worries and fear the kids get little twinkles in their eyes, thanks to your generators.
A big Thank You goes out to our ambassadors Evgeniy Levchenko and Victoria Koblenko. They have an enormous online fan base and oh have we found out about that! With all donations so far we have been able to send large numbers of generators to Ukraine and hopefully we will be able to continue bringing some power and a slight normality to the people of Ukraine. However long that is necessary obviously, because the sooner this bloody war stops the better.