How Ukrainians experience the threat and crisis


The Russian president Putin has recognised the two eastern areas of Donetsk and Lugansk as independent states. What are the consequences   for Breath Care for Kids and above all for our families in Konstantinivka and Pokrovsk? Through this recognition the Russian troops have come a lot closer to our homes. We have to wait and see what Putin understands as a peace mission which he has kicked off. We will keep a close eye on if, when and where he will cross the border. When the moment comes we will stick our heads together and decide on what to do.

Our staff and parents have made all necessary arrangements to evacuate in case of emergency. Thanks to the many responses, caring messages and beautiful donations we have been able to prepare our families for an evacuation. The cars have been fully filled up, there is extra food, drinks and medicines in stock. There is also cash money available for use while on the move, so that when another cyber attack happens, our families can still purchase food.

Our children and their foster parents feel much stronger with the enormous support and signs of compassion and our preparations for an escape. They know that they're not facing these horrible times alone.