Will you give our children a Christmas present?


On the 15th of  November it was  25 years ago that the Breath Foundation was established. Because of the COVID-pandemic we have had to decide to postpone the festive anniversary until next year. But, every birthday comes with a wish list. 

From our homes in Georgia, Romania and Ukraine we have received wish lists. From proper winter shoes, a child seat, bread toaster, a vacuum cleaner to a new boiler, refrigerator and a new sofa. They need it so much. 

We ask special attention for the face masks in Romania, where various children and staff members in the Sparta Children's Village have contracted the corona virus and where there is a great need for extra personal protection equipment. The situation there is critical.

How you can support our children? Simply by transferring the stated amount of the gift you want to give to our bank account NL53 INGB 0004 2830 71 in the name of Stichting Breath and specify which article you would like to gift.

You can also send us a Direct Message, or a Messenger message on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and we will get back to you for the details.

We will send you a photo with your gift in the hands of or on the feet of our children. And if you would like we will happily share the photos on our social media channels and name you as the sponsor. And of course we then hope you will share the posts on your social media channels.


Make it a Happy Christmas 2020 in our homes and support our children!

Bank account: NL53 INGB 0004 2830 71

E-mail: info@ breathcareforkids.com and +31-653642594

More information on www.breathcareforkids.com